I am a curator primarily interested in contemporary art as a humanist enquiry. Ultimately I am guided by work that makes me feel as well as think.

Working outside of the exhibition format.- often in the public realm - I support and collaborate with artists through residencies, commissions, research, interviews and writing.

Ideas and interests that sit front and centre (and bounce back and forth) and elements of work I usually gravitate to include; the affective nature of art, liveness, accumulative and distributive methodologies of participation, ‘care’ ,and the sea.

Context and how contemporary art connects with publics bisects these interests and has led to curatorial projects in recycling trucks, derelict colonial mansions, beach huts, public parks and pavements. 

Work for a gallery, an urbanism festival and commissioning in public space and being a qualified personal trainer have in various ways, over the last decade, shaped these concerns. In 2017 I co-founded Pier Projects Art Agency which is currently based in Felixstowe, Suffolk.

This website aims to process, share and archive recent work.